Who would win in a fight? The Bangles or the Go-Gos?

As a young teen, I was often asked by a slightly older cousin of mine, who was a big fan of rock band Led Zeppelin, who would win in a fight. The purported fight would be between Led Zeppelin’s guitarist, Jimmy Page and some other well known random guitar player. 

Jimmy Page, of course, was always the victor. “Who would win a fight Pete? Jimmy Page or Eric Clapton?

Jimmy Page would. 

“Who is tougher, Pete? Jimmy Page or Eddie Van Halen?”

Jimmy Page, of course.

It was only a few years later I realized how completely ridiculous the question and the scenario actually was. (Until celebrity boxing came along, which made the scenario quite normal again, I suppose.)

So in a similar vein, that ‘who would win in a fight’  thought entered my head as  I was listening to some tunes from the 1980s. First a song by the Bangles. Then, a song by the Go-Gos. And then, the lightbulb went off.

Who would win in a fight between these all-female 80’s pop bands? The Bangles or the Go-Gos? I know the terror is probably going to ask to me to clarify whether the scenario we are talking about would be now (2011) or back in the day (the 80’s).  I would say back in the 80’s.  I’ll give the edge to the Go-Gos, simply because of Belinda Carlisle. (That’s just completely ridiculous, by the way. Even more so because apparently, according to her Wikipedia page, she is deeply into Buddhism).

So who do you think would win in fight?

And what are some other decent matchups?

Let us know in the comments section.



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