The Ridiculous Roundup – Week of Jan 21

Once in a while, we’ll do the ‘Ridiculous Roundup’, a review of some of the more completely ridiculous news stories from around the world.

This week, a fox allegedly shot a farmer in Russia. Yes, a fox shot a farmer.  I wonder if the fox wasn’t actually George Clooney in disguise. Those who have seen the George Clooney voiced movie The Fantastic Mr. Fox will know what I mean.

In another newsworthy story, an owl attempted to grab a chihuahua out on a walk with its owner. Apparently, this chihuahua felt like walking, compared to another chihuahua I once met, that preferred being pushed around in a baby stroller. Check out the story here.

And perhaps the most ridiculous story this week involved a bunch of numb-skull burglars who mistakenly snorted the ashes of  a man, and two great danes.  They thought the ashes were actually cocaine.

Well, that’s just completely ridiculous. Enough said.

We’re always interested in hearing about your personal completely ridiculous experiences. Drop us a line anytime.


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