This week’s completely ridiculous matchup: Nick Nolte vs. Gary Busey

Who would win in a fight – Gary Busey or Nick Nolte?

Sure, they’ve both experienced some interesting events over the past few years. Sure, many have pointed out how similar they look to one another. Sure, Gary Busey may even resemble a camel, according to one site.  But pound for pound, inch for inch and tooth for tooth, who would win in a fight? (And terror, don’t ask me what type of fight, MMA, boxing, or thumb wrestling fight).  Just a plain old classic fist fight. The year: Let’s make it 1990. Gary Busey has just starred in Predator 2. Nick Nolte has Another 48 Hours under his belt. Things are going well for these guys. They’re big movie stars, starring in big budget action flicks.  They’re at the top of their game. So who would win? Busey seems a little unpredicatble, Nolte is probably a bit unorthodox. They seem pretty well matched. So much so, I think this one is too difficult to call. Until jimmeh reminds me we can’t have a draw. There must be a winner. So I’ll have to give the edge to Busey. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.



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