Ridiculous Roundup for the Week Ending January 30

In this week’s completely ridiculous roundup, we have a story about U.S. Border authorities who found a medieval catapult device  near the U.S.- Mexico border. What what this device used for, you ask? The catapult was used to fling drugs over the border from Mexico into the U.S. Whether its transporting drugs over the border on land via horseback, under the border via tunnels (complete with electricity), or being flung over the border via catapult, you have to admit that these folks are pretty creative. Now if we could just use that type of creativity to solve some of the more pressing issues facing the world…

In other ridiculous news, a Canadian man has invented a wearable beard attached to a toque  (a winter hat to those unfamiliar with Bob and Doug MacKenzie), for people with little or no facial hair. But if you’re 45 and look like you’re 14, why is that such a bad thing? Most folks would sell their soul to look even a little younger than they actually are. However, if I was the guy that invented this thing, I would consider changing its name. Why? “Beardo” sounds a lot like, (and looks a little like a) “Weirdo”.

And finally, this week’s most completely ridiculous news story comes to us from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We’ve all heard horror stories from patrons of fast food joints who are concerned that some angry employee might have spit in their food. Or that feeling when you take a bite of something and it tastes ‘a little off”. Well, this story is similar, but not really.  A woman claims a yogurt sample at a local supermarket tasted like semen.  All I can say is I’m never trying free samples of any sort from the supermarket ever again. Never. Ever. No way.



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