Who would win in a fight – Cher or Barbra Streisand?

So, since its been a while since our last post, I thought this week’s completely ridiculous matchup should be a blockbuster, a headliner.  So what about Cher versus Barbra Streisand? Both are divas. Both are probably past the prime of their careers, both are a little older, both are a little wiser. (Though Fockers 3 may not have been Streisand’s wisest move to date). And Cher does look pretty good for her age, notwithstanding some new body parts. (Can you believe both are in the 60s?) Streisand has Yentil. Cher has Moonstruck. Streisand has James Brolin. Cher has (or had) Vegas.  So who would win? The matchup could take place anytime in the mid ’70s or the mid ’80s. I would think that Cher has the edge here. She seems to have a bit more zest, more spunk than Streisand. I asked my wife would would win a fight between these two divas. She also sided with Cher. Though my wife also quickly pointed out that Streisand could use her nose as a weapon in the match and that might give her the edge over Cher. Just completely ridiculous! So who do you think would win in a fight? Let us know.


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