Completely ridiculous moments in far away places, part 2

My cousin recently told me a completely ridiculous travel story. He was on vacation and saw a guy selling barbequed corn on the street side. He thought that was pretty neat. Until the guy turned to his side. He then proceeded to wash his feet in a bucket…the same bucket he had just washed the corn in. This reminded of some additional completely ridiculous moments I had experienced in far away places while travelling.

I was at a fast food stand once and was waiting to pay for my food. When it was finally my turn to pay, I gave my money to the cook/cashier. There was no cash register. There was a money basket though. Trouble is, the money basket was also the bread basket. So the change and the bread were all mixed together. I didn’t ask for change that day. Or bread, for that matter…

Another time, I was waiting in line for a few beers. Two tourists ahead of me wanted to pay for a few beers. The guy behind the counter says, for example, “6 euros.” The tourists, puzzled, look at the menu, which states that beers are 2 euros each. They state this to the guy behind the counter. He responds with “You pay for the deposit.” Seemed like a reasonable response to the tourists, who shrug and proceed to pay 6 euros for 2 beers.  I know that the deposit line is complete horse crap. I’m next, so when I attempt to purchase 2 beers, the guy behind the counter says “6 euros”. When I raise my voice and question the price, the counter guy backs down and sheepishly says “Ok..for you, 4 euros…”.  Nice. Making up prices as we go along…. never heard of that one before.

And finally, I was in a tropical country once where you could go on a tour and climb a volcano.  One of the options was to ride a horse up the side of the volcano. When I asked the lady who was providing the horses for ‘rental’ how much it would cost, she said $17. So I give her a $20, ans wait for my change. When I ask her again, she pretends she doesn’t speak the language any more. When I ask several times, and begin to raise my voice, she first claims she doesn’t have any change. When she realises I’m not going away until I get my change, she rolls her eyes and proceeds to pull out a huge wad of cash and gives me my three dollars in change. Nice. Very nice.

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