The completely ridiculous in everyday life: Taking the baby(!?) for a stroll.

The completely ridiculous happens all around us, every day. Yet, while some things may seem completely ridiculous to some of us, to others, they seem perfectly normal.

Take the time I was waiting to meet my professor for a meeting at the local university. A random woman walks up to me, pushing a mostly covered baby stroller. I couldn’t see inside the stroller because of the way I was sitting.

Random woman: “Excuse me, do you know why the elevator isn’t working?”

Petey: “Um…er… no. I didn’t even know this building had an elevator.”

Random woman: “Oh… that’s too bad… Would you mind helping me with the stroller down the stairs then?”

Now, most decent folk would quickly come to the aid of a mother pushing a stroller, to help in any way they can. I’m no different. I think of myself as a stand up kind-of-guy, so I immediately stand up, ready to help.

“Sure thing, I’d be happy to help.”

I take a closer look at the mother, who seems quite old to be a new mother.  ‘Must be a grandma’ I think to myself, as I walk around to the front of the stroller.

As I pull to the front of the stroller to take a quick peek inside, I really cannot believe my eyes. I am taken aback and attempt to control my surprise. Inside the stroller sits a dog. A small dog. I’m not familiar with dog breeds, but I know this is definitely a dog and not some half dog – half human hybrid or something similar. Junior is nowhere to be seen. Junior is actually a chihuahua. Or some similar breed.

“There’s a dog in your baby stroller” I say, trying to act rather normal and not surprised.

“I know,” she replies.

“Why isn’t he walking?” I ask, curiously, thinking that Junior might be injured, hoping there is actually some logical reason why a woman is pushing a baby stroller with a dog inside.

“Oh.. he doesn’t feel like it today.”

Really? You dog doesn’t feel like walking today?

I don’t feel like walking today either. Can you carry me to my car please?

I am a man of my word. And as such, as a man of my word, I proceed to help the lady carry the stroller with the dog in it, down three flight of stairs. And I acted like it was the most normal thing to do in the world. All the while getting some interesting looks from other students going up and down the stairs.

Now that was completely ridiculous.



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